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Diploma Course WSET level 4 (English)

The highest international wine education

The Weinakademie Österreich is the largest wine training institute in Europe, based in Rust, Austria. The training center is beautifully situated on the Neusiedlersee, amidst famous vineyards. During the training, visits are regularly made to surrounding wine companies.

Diploma Course / Weinakademiker

WSET Diploma Course is the internationally recognized training for professionals in the wine industry, it gives access to the Master of Wine training. The Diploma Course is a very intensive study that takes 1 ½ to 2 years.


The difference with other providers of the Diploma Course is that the Austrian Wine Academy has a supplementary program. You will write a thesis and give an oral defense about it. You can then use the prestigious title "Weinakademiker". You'll have to ' sign a code of conduct, then you will be a member of the Association of International Alumni. There are currently more than 800 Weinakademiker from 38 different countries.

International wine excursions

During your studies you will visit various winemakers, depending on the training you choose in Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

The Weinakademie Österreich offers the Diploma Course in three ways:

DSE - Diploma Course Central Europe

At the Weinakademie in Rust, Diploma Course is offered in six modules, including excursions to surrounding wine companies and exams.

DSI - Diploma Course International

DSI - Diploma Course is offered in three modules of approximately ten days.

The first module is given at the Weinakademie Österreich in Rust (Austria).

The second module is given in Rust and at Palais Coburg in Vienna (Austria).

The third module is given at Palazzo Antinori in Florence (Italy).

DSC - Diploma Course Rheingau | Burgenland Alto Adige | Zurich

DSC - Diploma Course is given in six modules, in wine regions in five countries.
You go to the most famous wine university in Germany: Geisenheim, the Austrian Wine Academy in Rust (Austria), Campus Wädenswil, Zurich University (Switzerland) and Kloster Neustift in Brixen, Südtirol (Italy).

Kloster Neustift - Brixen, South Tyrol


There are various scholarships available for students, more information can be found on this page:

More information

You're not becomming a Weinakademiker in an instance, it's a decision that you have about carefully. You are going to be intensively involved in your education for two years. For more information, here is the link to the training:

The Wine Studio heartily recommends the Weinakademie Österreich.
You can register at the Weinakademie: Contact Weinakademie.


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Jeffrey van Vuurde
Jeffrey van Vuurde
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"Verschillende leraren met allemaal een andere achtergrond en levensverhaal die allemaal één passie delen: wijn. Goedkoopste WSET Advanced cursus die er is, maar dat heeft absoluut niet afgedaan aan de kwaliteit van de lessen. Geweldige cursus die ik iedereen kan aanraden!"
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