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Wine course WSET level 3 (English)

Starting at January, 2020.

TIME: 9 sessions, 3 months of study.
EXAM TRAINING: extra examtraining for free, upon registration.
PRE-EDUCATION: WSET level 2 or equivalent.
SELF STUDY: 120 hours of home study, on average 10 hours per week.
MENTOR GUIDANCE: 2 moments to discuss your progress in learning.
PRICE: € 1095 all-in: including study pack, exam training (on registration) and exam.

Here you will find specifications of the WSET level 3 course ENGLISH

WSET level 3 is the international training program for sommeliers, importers, retailers, hospitality staff, wine bloggers and wine enthusiasts. A very detailed wine course in which you get to know all the important wine facts, so that you can have a conversation with every winemaker!

Wine studio service: your own mentor

Studying requires a lot of self-discipline. Many students have a busy job, and private life can also be demanding. Sometimes you need some incentive, or you get stuck learning because of a lack of time. As a level 3 student, you will receive your own mentor, who will call you twice to discuss and advise you on the progress of your studies.

Various top teachers for every lesson

Our level 3 teachers:
* are the best specialists in their field.
* are highly qualified: WSET Diploma Course, Weinakademiker, Sherry Educator, etc.
* have a lot of professional experience in wine,  being an importer, sommelier, writer, shop owner, etc.
* have a long time experience in teaching

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Your own login page

The level 3 login page for students offers many extras:

the level 3 Aroma circle
the level 3 test form
exam practice questions
exam tips & tricks

Your own wine tasting group

On the first day of class you are encouraged to form a group of wine tasters, that also meet outside classes, to promote your tasting skills.

The WSET professional learning method

With this training you will be able to buy and sell wine, and to write and advise on wine. The starting point of the learning method are the grapes and their different characters, the influence of soil and climate and the choices of the winemaker. In addition, all major wine regions in the world are covered. You will receive  the SAT: Systematic Approach to Tasting, as well as the Aroma circle© and the Wine color card ©.

Tasting wines

During the course, good and premium wines are tasted and assessed using the Systematic Approach to Tasting. This international test method gives you a clear structure. An average of € 1,000 worth of tasting wines is on the table.

Study pack, study load

The study pack consists of a textbook and an exam training book. It will be sent to you as soon as the (first) payment is made.
In addition to the course, you need approximately 120 hours of study time, or 10 hours per week.

Exam training

Exam training is included with the course. We practice writing an exam-tasting note of a white and a red wine, and we will deal with the open questions. How do you read the question, what exactly is being asked, how do you write a short and concise answer that contains everything.
The exam training lasts from 1 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

WSET Diploma Course

After this course you are admitted to continue with the leading international training for professionals: WSET Diploma Course.



Viticulture: climate, soil, vineyard techniques.
Vinification: the winery, processes and styles.
Tasting method: the Systematic Approach to Tasting.
Sparkling and fortified wines: wine making techniques, style of wines.

All the important grapes and wine regions:
Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Loire, Rhône, Languedoc
Germany, Alsace and Austria
Italy, Spain and Portugal: classical and modern styles
New World: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Argentina, Chili, and others.
Overview of all wine regions, ongoing developments.

Wine trips and Masterclasses

Level 3 students are the first to be invited to join the exclusive Wijnstudio wine tours. We visit top companies and receive guided tours and presentations from winemakers and directors of wine companies. You will also be the first to have the opportunity to attend a Masterclass.


Duration of the exam is 3 hours.
Theory: 50 multiple choice questions and 4 open questions
Practice: the writing of tasting notes of a white and a red wine

We are organizing 3 exams per year, mostly in February, June and December.
You can always resit an exam. (a fee is charged)
Onze you have a completed the theory or practice, you no longer have to do a resit for that part.


Wijnstudio is a recognized Institute for Short Vocational Training.
All of our wine courses are tax-deductible.

Here you will find the specifications of the WSET level 3 course.

Are you interested in following this course?

Just let us know, write a mail to or phone us.
You will be notified at first hand when the course is starting.

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Peter de Ruiter - CATCH by Simonis
CATCH by Simonis
"Een wijncursus volgen bij de wijnstudio is een beleving. Jeroen heeft mij en een aantal collega's in een aantal weken voorbereid op dit examen. Hij heeft heeft een waanzinnig grote passie voor wijn, brede vakkennis en kan daardoor de leerstof goed overbrengen op de cursisten. Naast de studieboeken gaf hij ons zoveel meer informatie. Het enthousiasme en de kennis waarmee de docent ons voorbereid heeft, zie je terug in de extra uren die hij (in zijn eigen tijd) voor ons heeft vrijgemaakt. We zijn goed voorbereid en we hebben echt genoten van deze cursus. Zo gingen wij vol vertrouwen het examen tegemoet. Wij hebben naast het certificaat iets net zo belangrijks meegekregen...een nog grotere passie en interesse voor wijnsoorten! Dit alles door de waanzinnige begeleiding. Dank jullie wel "Wijnstudio" voor de  Inspirerende en leerzame  weken!Peter de Ruiter - Catch By Simonis, manager"
Haagse Stadswijngaard Sommelierwijnen Madeira Wine Ambassador Sherry Educator VDP Ambassador

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