Wine course WSET 3

WSET level 3 is the international training for sommeliers, importers, retailers, hospitality staff, wine bloggers and enthusiasts. A very detailed wine course in which you get to know all the important wine terms, so that you can have a conversation with every winemaker!

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Wine course WSET 3
€ 1.099,-
Including study book, workbook and exam
What will you learn during this course:
  • Learn the most important natural and human factors in the vineyard
  • Learn the difference between wine styles from the major areas of the world
  • Learn the key features of sparkling and fortified wines
  • Learn to provide professional information and advice on wine
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Wine course WSET 3

  • Including study book, workbook and exam
  • Your own login page, extra course material
  • Mentor guidance
  • Exam training
  • Lessons from certified teachers

Praktische info

TIME:9 lessons of 3 hours
LEVEL:For sommeliers, importers, store-managers, catering staff, wine bloggers and wine enthusiasts
PRE-EDUCATION:WSET 2 / SDEN 3 / or equal
SELF STUDY:We recommend approximately 120 hours of home study
TASTING WINES:Tasting wines value € 1.400 included
EXAM TRAINING:A perfect preparation for your exam

Here you will find specifications of the WSET level 3 course.

Wijnstudio service: your own mentor

Studying requires a lot of self-discipline. Many students have a busy job, but private life can also be demanding. Sometimes you need some incentive, or you could get stuck learning because of a lack of time. As a level 3 student, you will receive your own mentor, who will call you twice to discuss the progress of your studies.

Various top teachers for every lesson

Our level 3 teachers:

  • are top specialists in the given topics
  • are highly qualified: WSET Diploma Course, Weinakademiker, Sherry Educator, etc.
  • have a lot of experience with wine, be it as an importer, sommelier, writer, shopkeeper or otherwise
  • have got extensive experience in teaching

Your own login page

The level 3 login page for students offers many extras:

  • the level 3 Aroma circle ©
  • the level 3 test form
  • translations of wine terms
  • exam practice questions
  • exam tips & tricks

Create your own tasting group

On the first day of class you will be encouraged to form a tasting group that also meets outside classes. Even when the course is finished,  tasting groups keep on meeting!

Education at sommelier level

The Advanced course WSET level 3 is an intensive course, it is a big step to go from WSET level 2 to level 3. A condition to successfully complete your study is to prepare each lesson carefully and have your questions ready for the teacher. You are strongly adviced to start reading and learning as soon as you receive the text book. Also, you need  to make a self-study schedule , we recommend 9 hours of self-study per week.

What you’ll learn in this wset advanced course

The International Wine Certificate WSET level 2 teaches you the facts. The Advanced Course WSET level 3 teaches you to see the connections and to be able to explain them. The subjects of this training are broadly:

Factors that influence the style, quality and price of wine

  • systematic, professional wine tasting
  • the basic principles of wine and food
  • viticulture: viticulture, vineyard management, grapes, climate, soil
  • vinification: fermentation, cellar techniques, style differences through winemaking
  • legislation, labels, marketing

Wine regions, wines and grape varieties in the world

  • France: all major wine regions
  • Germany, Austria, Greece
  • Italy, Spain, Portugal
  • United States
  • Chile, Argentina
  • South Africa, Australia, New Zealand
  • Sparkling, sweet and fortified wines

Sparkling, sweet and fortified wines

  • Production, cellar techniques of sparkling, fortified and sweet wines
  • Champagne
  • Sparkling wines of the world
  • Sweet wines, maturing, grape management, winemaking techniques, styles
  • Sherry, port, muscat: wine regions, winemaking techniques, styles

Exam training

The exam training takes place online and includes a tasting with of wines. We will train on tasting: how much time do you have, how do you make the right tasting note. And we will practice on the open questions: what is being asked, how do you give a good answer.

The exam training is not a standard WSET offer, but an extra module of the Wijnstudio.

Extra: information about Diploma Course
After the training, we will explain the follow-up: Diploma Course at the Austrian Weinakademie. You will be told how Diploma Course is organised, what the program looks like, where you are going, how you are prepared. Questions are asked. And we tell you about the scholarships that are available especially for Wijnstudio students, and how you can apply.

WSET level 3: Ready for Diploma Course

Ready to go for diploma course: WSET level 4

If you have successfully completed level 3, you will be admitted to WSET level 4: Diploma Course, which is after Master of Wine the highest international wine course. In addition, you can become a Weinakademiker immediately afterwards by writing a dissertation.

You can follow this course in Austria, at the famous Rust Weinakedmie, or you can choose the module in which you will be taught in Geisenheim, the German wine university, the Austrian Weinakademie, Palais Coburg, Campus Wädenswil in Switzerland, Kloster Neustift, Palazzo Antinori in Italy.

Study grants exclusively for wijnstudio students

Wijnstudio has a good collaboration with the Austrian Weinakademie, every year there are several study grants for Diploma Course available, exclusively for Wijnstudio students, each of € 1.000.-

Course materials

As soon as we received your registration you will automatically get a confirmation and invoice.
As soon as your payment is accepted you can already start to study with your online study materials and you can make a planning for your study time.
At the first session, you will receive a box with 3 tasting glasses.

Course prices are free of VAT

The Wijnstudio is a recognized institute for education, therefore we are aloud to offer our courses free of VAT.
Our prices are all-inn, no VAT is added.


Startdatum: di 19 september 2023
Plaats: Wine and Roses (Amsterdam)
Lesson 1: viticulture, systematic approach to taste wine
di 19 september
Wine and Roses, van Woustraat 163, Amsterdam
Lesson 2: vinification, systematic approach to taste wine
di 26 september
Wine and Roses, van Woustraat 163, Amsterdam
Lesson 3: Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Loire
di 3 oktober
Wine and Roses, van Woustraat 163, Amsterdam
Lesson 4: Rhône, South of France, Spain and Portugal
di 17 oktober
Wine and Roses, van Woustraat 163, Amsterdam
Lesson 5: Germany, Alsace, Austria
di 31 oktober
Wine and Roses, van Woustraat 163, Amsterdam
Lesson 6: Italy
di 7 november
Wine and Roses, van Woustraat 163, Amsterdam
Lesson 7: North and South America, Canada
di 21 november
Wine and Roses, van Woustraat 163, Amsterdam
Lesson 8: Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa
di 28 november
Wine and Roses, van Woustraat 163, Amsterdam
Lesson 9: sparkling, fortified
di 9 januari
Wine and Roses, van Woustraat 163, Amsterdam
Mock exam - online
za 13 januari
Online cursus, geen, locatie
za 27 januari
EXPO Houten, Meidoornkade 24, Houten