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Basic Wine course (English)

4 sessions, including exam

The Basic Wine Course is there for you to learn all about wine in a fast and easy way. Develop your tasting buds as a wine professional, you will find with a good teacher that guides you it’s not so hard as it seems.

TIME SCHEDULE:  4 sessions (19.30 – 22.30)
EXAM is included
LEVEL: wine lovers and professional starters
PRICE: € 275, all-inn: study book, wines and certified exam

Wijncursus Groningen

Our study book is recommended by 2 Masters of Wine!

Basis wijncursus

The Basic Wine Course study book is written in English.
More then 150 pages clearly structured information about wine, with schemes and pictures. 70 mock exam questions are included to help you preparing for the exam.  The easy-reading structure makes it a handsome reference book.

This Basic wine course is entirely in English

The teaching, the study book, and the exam are in English.

Content of the Basic wine course

Basic Wine Course

Module 1: wine basics, tasting skills, white grapes

  • History of wine making
  • Viticulture: vine growing, climate, soil
  • Terroir: where quality starts
  • Vinification: wine making
  • Biological wines: the future
  • Developments in the world of wine
  • Systematic approach to tasting
  • Sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, riesling, chenin blanc, sémillon

Module 2: understanding wine, black grapes

  • How to read a wine label
  • Judging the quality of wine, detect the faults
  • Wine storage
  • Cork or screw-top
  • Serving wine
  • How to organise a wine tasting
  • Wine rumours: true or false?
  • Wine regions in Central Europe
  • Wine regions in Southern Europe
  • Systematic Approach to Tasting
  • Pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, grenache, syrah

Module 3: New World wines, wine and food pairing

  • Wine regions in the New World
  • Basic principles of wine and food pairing
  • Product, kitchen technics and garnishments
  • Basic rules for making a menu
  • Basic rules for tasting
  • Wine and food pairing

Module 4: exam, explore your skills

  • Examen
  • Tasting session by the students: bring your own
  • Give your advise on a wine and food pairing

Wine tasting

We wil be tasting 21 wines, of good and sometimes very good quality.

Get your Wine Certificate!

The exam contains:

  • 25 multiple choice questions
  • 3 short written answers
  • tasting of 2 wines
  • a wine and food pairing advise

The results will be issued to you within a week.

Locatie Den Haag: Marius Jouw Wijnvriend

At the centre of our most populair quarter, you will probably buy your wines at Marius (your wine friend), a fashionable wine shop with a large assortment of good and affordable wines, known for its excellent advice on wine (and wine and food pairing).

In this inspiring atmosphere, Marius is ready to welcome you at the Basic Wine Course (English).

Address: Piet Heinstraat 93

Lesschema Basic Wine Course level 1 (English)

(Start)Datum: 03 april 2019 - Den Haag

Woensdag 03 april 201919:30Wijn Op DronkBasic knowledge, tasting, white grapes
Woensdag 10 april19:30Wijn Op DronkUnderstanding wine, black grapes
Woensdag 17 april19:30Wijn Op DronkNew World wines, wine and food pairing
Woensdag 24 april19:30Wijn Op DronkExam, explore your skills


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