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Take your wine course in Utrecht.
On your own, with friends, with a partner, you are always welcome.
Wijnstudio offers several wine courses in Utrecht.

Level 1 Basic Wine Course

In four evenings you will build up a thorough basic knowledge. Learn the most important facts about viticulture: how wine grapes grow, and what the influence of soil and climate is on the wine. The 10 most famous grape varieties are discussed. Winemaking: the winemaker’s choices. And many other exciting topics. We spend half the time exploring the Systematic Approach to Tasting. In the last session, we will start with the exam. After that, students will be presenting a wine, which is learning with pleasure. The Basic Wine Course in Utrecht gives you self-confidence, in theory and tasting!

WSET level 2 Wine Course

In eight evenings you will obtain the WSET International Wine Certificate, the most followed wine course in the world! 30 grape varieties and their character, vineyards in Europe and beyond, viticulture and vinification, sparkling, fortified and sweet to noble sweet wines. Serving, preserving and gastronomy. And of course, we will practice the international Systematic Approach to Tasting. The exam is held nationally, three times per year.

WSET level 3 Award in Wines Course

For this intensive training you must have completed the WSET level 2 in Wines. The WSET level 3 course consists of 9 sessions, plus an exam training. We recommend 9 hours of home study per week. This is the wine training course for sommeliers, importers, retailers, journalists and bloggers worldwide, but wine aficionados are also very welcome. WSET level 3 allows you to have a good conversation with winemakers, buy and sell wine, and advise on wine at the table and to customers. You will receive extra teaching materials and there is a personal study supervisor. A national exam in theory and tasting is included, that is held three times per year.


Gouden Glas
Poortstraat 100
3572 HN, Utrecht

Gouden Glas

Poortstraat 100
3572 HN, Utrecht