Wijnstudio policies

Diversity ands equality policy

Every person who comes into contact with the Wijnstudio, such as a student, teacher, or location manager, will be treated with respect, in accordance with the principles of diversity and equal rights, and in accordance with the Dutch law.

Age restriction
Courses of the Wijnstudio are open for public. Everyone from the age of 18 is welcome, above that there is no age restriction.

No discrimination
At the time of the registration of a student and during the course no one will be discriminated on race, gender, sexual preference, religion, partnership or otherwise. To produce a correct exam certificate, the candidate is asked to inform us about gender and date of birth. Questions with a discriminatory character will not show up.

Reasonable adjustments policy

Special educational needs
Students with special educational needs are asked to express their needs to the Wijnstudio.
We will do the upmost to make it possible for a student with special educational needs to follow a course and to take an exam.

Notify when registering
Special educational needs, also for the exam, must be reported immediately upon registration, on the registration form, by mail or in writing. The educational needs must first be discussed with the Wijnstudio, so that we can take the necessary measures on time. We will inform you directly when we find can not meet the requirements.

No unfair advantage
Reasonable adjustments must not give unfair advantage over other candidates.

Proof of special needs
The student or exam candidate must, if requested by the Wijnstudio, be able to provide proof of an educational need by an authorized person.

For dyslexia candidates, a statement from the general practitioner is not valid, this must be a statement from an authorized person, as described on the website of the “Dyslexie Nederland foundation”.

Assistance with a disability
For candidates with a (possibly temporary) disability we will be serving our help to make the use of the classroom and exam room possible.

Candidates who have made use of special educational need adjustments are asked to make their experience known to the Wijnstudio. This can be done on the feedback form that is distributed at the end of each course. Candidates are also invited to share their experience with the Wijnstudio by mail, telephone or otherwise.