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Wine courses English

Basic wine course level 1

The Basis wine course (English) is the ideal course to start with, you will get a basic understanding of wine.
We are using the Systematic Approach to Tasting, that helps you to taste like a professional.

TIME SCHEDULE:  4 sessions 19.30h – 22.30h
LEVEL: starting wine professionals and wine lovers
PRICE: € 295,- including study pack and note book, 3 Schott Zwiesel wine glasses
EXAM is included, at the last session. Including certificate

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Wine Certificate – WSET level 2

TIME SCHEDULE:  8 sessions 19.30h – 22.30h
EXAM national organized exam, two times per year
LEVEL: wine professionals and wine lovers
TASTING GLASSES: 3 Schott Zwiesel tasting glasses are included
PRICE: € 590,- including study pack and exam

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Advanced course – WSET level 3

TIME: 9 sessions, 3 months of study.
EXAM TRAINING: extra examtraining for free, upon registration.
PRE-EDUCATION: WSET level 2 or equivalent.
SELF STUDY: 120 hours of home study, on average 10 hours per week.
STUDY GUIDANCE: 2 phone calls to discuss your progress in learning.
PRICE: € 1095 all-in: including study pack, 3 Schott Zwiesel tasting glasses
EXAM: exam training (on registration) and exam included.

WSET level 3 is the international training program for sommeliers, importers, retailers, hospitality staff, wine bloggers and wine enthusiasts. A very detailed wine course in which you get to know all the important wine facts, so that you can communicate with every winemaker around the world!

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Diploma Course – WSET level 4

The highest international wine education

The Weinakademie Österreich is the largest wine training institute in Europe, based in Rust, Austria. The training center is beautifully situated on the Neusiedlersee, amidst famous vineyards. During the training, visits are regularly made to surrounding wine companies.

Diploma Course / Weinakademiker

WSET Diploma Course is the internationally recognized training for professionals in the wine industry, it gives access to the Master of Wine training. The Diploma Course is a very intensive study that takes 1 ½ to 2 years.


The difference with other providers of the Diploma Course is that the Austrian Wine Academy has a supplementary program. You will write a thesis and give an oral defense about it. You can then use the prestigious title “Weinakademiker”. You’ll have to ‘ sign a code of conduct, then you will be a member of the Association of International Alumni. There are currently more than 800 Weinakademiker from 38 different countries.

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WSET level 2 – online international wine course

* Preliminary training is not required
* This training takes 5 weeks
* The courses are starting monthly
* Studypack is in English
* Supporting language is English
* The estimated study load is 30 hours of self-study.

On this page you can find out when the courses are starting
Just scroll down to the data.
Please take 14 days registration time before the start of the course.
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Price € 445,- including study pack and exam


WSET level 3 online international wine course

The international wine training for sommeliers, importers, all who are working in hospitality or the wine industry.

* Recommended preliminary training: WSET level 2.
* This training takes 16 weeks.
* The courses are starting monthly.
* Studypack is in English
* Support in English
* The estimated study load is 90 hours of self-study.

On this page you can find out when the courses are starting

Interested? Register here for your own international wine courses

Registrations takes 14 days.

Price € 795,- including study pack and exam


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